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Upcoming Events Calendar!

At K9 Lifeline, we believe in the power of education. Our online and in person classes and workshops serve to inspire owners to become better companions for their dogs and canine professionals to increase client satisfaction!


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Immerse yourself in the exciting world of K9 Lifeline with interactive videos from experienced dog experts! Learn how to train puppies to seniors, safely handle unruly or aggressive dogs, open a facility while still building your business smartly. Plus get tips on providing quality daycare services and working effectively with both clients and staff.


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 Virtual Coaching with Heather Beck

Are you a dog trainer looking for support and guidance to grow your business? Look no further than Virtual Coaching!

Heather is an experienced dog trainer who has successfully grown her own business through innovation and hard work. In these sessions, Heather will provide personalized mentoring and problem-solving advice for your dog training business.

During the session, Heather will listen to your concerns and provide actionable advice based on her years of experience. Whether you're struggling with marketing, operations, or staffing, Heather can help you navigate the challenges of running a successful dog training business.

Don't let business concerns hold you back from your dream of being a successful dog trainer. Sign up for Virtual Coaching today! $250 a session. 


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Play as the Way – GRC Dogsports Advanced Skill Workshop with Jay Jack


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$300 Audit Spot - $600 - Working Spot


April 17-19. 2024

Prices will increase on January 1, 2024

Come engage with your dogs in a new, fun way! GRC Dogsports will teach you how to turn play into a real bonding experience!

In this workshop we will help teams handle specific issues and goals. This may mean troubleshooting a foundational skill or working within the advanced levels of GRC Drive events. We will also work on unique rehab drills such as Faith in Handler, Trust Obstacles, Empowered Desensitization, etc. Each seminar will be different because each team will be dealing with unique and specific skills during these rehab drills, no two drills will cover the exact same material.

Even if you’re looking for ONLY rehab work, you need foundational skills. We will not cover trigger work without first working on the foundation. This workshop is only for teams who have a grasp of the material in both Play as the Way workshops, either from attending the workshop itself or working with a trainer that understands the concept (must contact us directly to get permission to attend without the PAW prerequisites.)