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Upcoming Events Calendar!

At K9 Lifeline, we believe in the power of education. Our online and in person classes and workshops serve to inspire owners to become better companions for their dogs and canine professionals to increase client satisfaction!


K9 Lifeline Live: Virtual Learning

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of K9 Lifeline with interactive videos from experienced dog experts! Learn how to train puppies to seniors, safely handle unruly or aggressive dogs, open a facility while still building your business smartly. Plus get tips on providing quality daycare services and working effectively with both clients and staff.


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 Virtual Coaching with Heather Beck

Are you a dog trainer looking for support and guidance to grow your business? Look no further than Virtual Coaching!

Heather is an experienced dog trainer who has successfully grown her own business through innovation and hard work. In these sessions, Heather will provide personalized mentoring and problem-solving advice for your dog training business.

During the session, Heather will listen to your concerns and provide actionable advice based on her years of experience. Whether you're struggling with marketing, operations, or staffing, Heather can help you navigate the challenges of running a successful dog training business.

Don't let business concerns hold you back from your dream of being a successful dog trainer. Sign up for Virtual Coaching today! $250 a session. 


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Teach Calm & Guide


 June 1-3, 2023
Union Dale, Pennsylvania


Learn how to create a successful and safe environment for pups of all ages, from puppies through aggressive dogs! Heather Beck and Jason Vasconi are hosting an interactive three-day workshop at Eva's Play Pups in Union Dale,PA - learn important dog training techniques like leash work, become informed on the details of daycare operation plus understand what goes into setting up indoor/outdoor socials. Plus brush up your business building skills: increase client compliance rate while simultaneously creating a positive canine community around you! Don't miss this opportunity to make sure that both yourself and your business stay thriving.

Also featuring special guest Barbara De Groodt.

Let’s have some fun with smells!

Have you ever wondered how wolves know which way to chase a bunny? Do you understand how terrain affects scent? Is there a secret to scent work? Learn about these things and many more.

Barbara De Groodt and her clients hold over 18 various tracking and working titles. We will discuss and demonstrate how scent works the first day, the second day we will be in the field applying some of what we learned the day before. If you bring a dog and own a v-harness, please bring it (not critical). If you will not bring a dog, please bring a leather item (like a glove). If your dog has a sensitive tummy, bring lots of treats he can eat, otherwise we will provide treats for tracking.


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S.A.F.E. Socialization Workshop

(Structured and Fulfilling Environment)

$1495.00 per person

August 28-30

Join Heather Beck at K9 Lifeline in Draper, Utah and discover the exciting process of training dogs to become well-socialized members of society! Whether big or small, timid or wild - this Structured and Fulfilling Environment will give you a unique opportunity to make an impact on these furry friends' lives. This workshop will include;

  • S.A.F.E. Handling
  • Running S.A.F.E. Socials
  • Dog Behavior
  • Dog Assessments
  • S.A.F.E. Introductions
  • Business Building
  • PLUS so much more!

After you register, K9 Lifeline will send you a welcome email with all the information you will need regarding travel and hotels. We work with the Marriott to get an affordable rate for students and they will also run a shuttle to our location, and we are located just 20 minutes from the Salt Lake City airport.

(No personal dogs can attend this program, we have PLENTY for you to work with)






K9 Lifeline Shadow Program

$1995.00 per person

October 18-21

Are you looking for a purposeful and rewarding career with dogs? Already working with dogs and want to expand your "tool box"? Join Heather Beck, the world-renowned leader at K9 Lifeline to gain invaluable insights into dog behavior! Immersing yourself in their day-to-day workings will provide an unparalleled opportunity to work with dogs of all ages from puppies through serious behavioral issues. Becoming well rounded by learning how to socialize pets safely is essential - unlock your potential today with this exclusive chance offered only by K9 Lifeline!

This fee includes:

  • 4 intensive days of training
  • Certification of Attendance from K9 Lifeline
  • Unlimited support from K9 Lifeline after your attendance
  • Hands on work with many dogs
  • A supportive and encouraging staff
  • Knowledge to work with groups of dogs together
  • Working with gentle and effective tools and techniques
  • Increase the tools in your “toolbox”
  • How to put together training packages that work for you and your clients
  • Business Building
  • Anything else you want to learn about dogs, dog business, or training we can help!

(No personal dogs can attend this program, we have PLENTY for you to work with)

K9 Lifeline is located in beautiful Draper, UT. We work with the Marriott to get an affordable rate for students and they will also run a shuttle to our location, and we are located just 20 minutes from the Salt Lake City airport. 






International Association of Canine Professionals

2023 US Conference

September 25-28

Join Heather Beck in Minneapolis, Minnesota this September for the annual IACP conference! 

Package Totals:
+ $794.99 for IACP Members
+ $884.99 Non-IACP Members

To register for the 2023 IACP Annual Conference and to book your hotel room, visit the Conference website HERE