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K9 Lifeline® is a destination for dog professionals from around the world to come and train with us. We love to share our expertise and unique methods and tools for training, daycare, and boarding so they can provide better lives for the dogs in their care. As we share our knowledge and experiences, through the ripple effect, we hope to see dogs everywhere live happier and fuller lives.

The Sidekick helps make this dream a reality. It is the most effective tool to calm excitement, fear, anxiety, leash reactivity and aggression. Owners will feel good and gain the control and confidence to safely and effectively build better relationships with their dogs.

World Leaders in Building Better Human and Dog Relationships

Heather Beck is the founder of K9 Lifeline® and creator of the patented Sidekick. She has been working with dogs since 1995. Her experience includes Animal Control Officer, fostering dogs for adoption, and running her own large breed and pitbull rescue.

She is a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) and has trained and handled every type of dog from puppies to the most difficult and reactive. Most importantly, she gets results, as indicated by grateful clients and students from around the world.

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