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Led by founder Heather Beck, K9 Lifeline® is a group of people who share a love and respect for the relationships that can be built between human and animals.

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Creating K9 Lifeline®

I started K9 Lifeline® to save lives. In 1995, I moved to Utah and saw an ad in a local paper about helping at an adoption event in the mall. Unlike most dog trainers, I was not “raised by wolves” nor did I have a dog growing up, but what I did have was an empathy for all animals and I knew this would give me an opportunity to get involved. For the next several years I spent every waking moment working with shelters and rescues, fostering hundreds of dogs through my own home, learning everything I could to help the dogs be more “adoptable”. My passion had turned to purpose! When I moved from rescue into training, I found my true calling and have been able to “save” so many more dogs' lives by teaching their owners how to create better relationships and keep dogs out of the shelters. For many of the dogs we work with, it is a matter of life or death. I started K9 Lifeline® out of necessity. Dogs and their humans NEED us! They needed a safe place to socialize and simple and effective tools, techniques, and methods to help rebuild relationships. I started K9 Lifeline® to save lives.

The Mission of K9 Lifeline®

K9 Lifeline® offers training based and dog approved care in a unique, safe, and clean environment that provides physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We do this by caring for dogs at our facility and sharing our training products and methods throughout the world!

Each of our staff members receives innovative and on-going education to understand and provide high-end training and care for the unique and individual needs of each dog.

One Leash, One Life

Each time you purchase from K9 Lifeline®, we donate a portion of our proceeds to rescue shelters around the world through our #oneleashonelife program. Thank you for helping us help them!

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About The Team

The staff is made up of enthusiastic and very motivated individuals. We have all been brought together due to a mutual love and respect of dogs. The majority of staff started out as clients dealing with difficult dogs of their own. We have experienced and lived with many issues that our clients deal with giving us a unique perspective on working with and caring for the dogs at K9 Lifeline®. The trainers, kennel techs and office staff all have a deep passion and drive to help dogs through training, daycare and a comfortable, clean and calm boarding environment. We strive to offer the best services possible for the dogs and the clients.