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We created these videos to help you succeed! Please watch all the following videos in order to learn each step of our training process.

Video 1

Start with the "Teach Calm and Guide" video to learn how to properly and effectively use our tools and techniques.

Video 2

Learn about using The Zen Zone to create a calm state of mind.

Video 3

Learn why boundaries are essential in all training relationships.

Video 4

Crate training is about more than potty training; it is a critical life skill for all dogs. To learn how we utilize this tool with our training process, watch this video.

Certifications and Online Training

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Hand Positioning

Holding the leash with both hands, place one hand closest to the dog below the black handle part of the leash. If you need to keep your dog close, place this hand pretty far down the leash and close to your dog's head. If your dog can handle a little more freedom, your hand won't need to be so far down the leash.

This same hand should be positioned like you're riding a bicycle, palm down with the pinky finger on the outside, facing the dog. This dramatically improves your ability to apply the appropriate amount of pressure at the appropriate time, improving your ability to communicate with your dog.

How NOT to Hold Your Leash

DON’T hold your leash in only one hand. Whenever possible, use both hands to provide the greatest security and control.

DON’T hold your leash with the palm upwards. This is an unnatural way to hold the leash and makes it difficult to apply the “pressure on, pressure off” training.

DON’T wrap your leash around your hand. This can cause damage to your hand and inhibits your ability to use the tool correctly.

The Sidekick

Watch the training videos above and follow the steps below for a detailed walkthrough on how to correctly use and condition The Sidekick.

Slip Lead Step 1

Make one large loop and place over the head

Step 2

Move plastic stopper to back of head (but not too tight)

Step 3

Attach black safety clip to collar

Head Halter Step 1

Pull leash through the s-hook to make two loops with the s-hook hanging in the middle.

Step 2

Largest loop (closest to the leash) goes over the dog’s head first.

Step 3

Smaller outer loop goes over the snout.

Step 4

Move plastic stopper to back of head (but not too tight).

Step 5

Attach black safety clip to collar.

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